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In-School Programs

Morning Sports

One-hour sports coaching for the chosen sports before school hours. Enrolment available only to the students of the school. (This session can also be incorporated within school hours as per need).

A child ideally joins morning sports for fitness and general interest in sports. Slowly few children may develop liking for a particular sport and may wish to take up additional coaching. Besides enhancing general fitness levels, this program helps in identifying talented/ interested children who should pursue coaching at the academy after school hours.

The program includes: 

 a. Sports orientation & basic coaching - One-hour session, 3 days a week. The required equipment is provided by us. The playing area / facility would be provided / developed by the school. The orientation and basic coaching do not require proper sports infrastructure and can be conducted in alternate areas too.

   b. Nutritional guidance (BMI awareness, right things to eat, diet plans) and monthly assessment and reporting- Once a month camp.

c. Physical fitness: Session on general fitness, endurance and sport specific drills, 2 days a week.

d. Support by Sports Psychologist- Once a quarter open session with players and their parents on attitude, breaking the mental barriers and other sports related queries. 

    e. Inter school sports competitions- to give exposure to the students and help them improve their game. Build the competitive spirit.

Experiential learning series

One day experiential learning program. Here the attempt is to train children through experience. They would undergo the experience of activities & simulation, and learn from it. The format of briefing-simulation-debriefing is followed. Children share their experience and learning. These learnings are then connected to their real-life situations, which may be that of school or managing life.

T.A.C.T- Tactical Approach & Collaborative Thinking
T.A.C.T addresses the most common behavioural concerns of children of today and helps them:
I. To have the traits of a team player and a Leader.
II. Consider brainstorming before a decision.
III. Not feel worried or anxious when things go wrong.
IV. Seek positive feedback and be open and accept new opportunities.
V. Being optimists and look at situations as learning platforms.
VI. Not to plan only for best-case scenarios.
VII. Not be stressed by short deadlines.
VIII. Be open to discuss their fears and apprehensions and seek support

These aspects are addressed through the various simulations.

Sports Academies

A child who is motivated through morning sports program enrols at the school academy to follow his hobby and turn it into passion for the sport. Here the coaching is imparted as per defined curriculum and trained professional coaches nurture the talent. Professional coaching would be imparted after school hours at the school facility. Enrolment at the academy is open to anyone wishing to enrol for the coaching and is not limited to in-house students. Any student who develops his/her game and wishes to pursue a sport professionally will graduate to the Zonal centre of excellence.

Zonal Centre for Excellence

This is a by invite only professional academy catering to the Zone(s). Players selected from the school academies, who have shown talent and are interested in taking up the sport at professional level will be admitted to these academies where they will be nurtured and trained on all aspects of the game, while taking care of their fitness and nutritional aspects too. The sole aim of the CFC (Center for Excellence) would be to churn out international level players who can win laurels for India and make their professional career in the sport.